Ongoing Events and learning opportunities to support your personal growth and your spiritual practice.

All events are at Shining Mountain Healing Center unless otherwise noted.

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JuLY 2017

Saturday, July 22
FAMILY CONSTELLATION WORKSHOP:  Increasing the Flows of Love in the Family
This circle offers a safe container in which to explore systemic family issues using engaged body processes. 
10:00AM-5:30PM  Open to all 18 or older. A donation of $75 is suggested.

Use this button to register, paying as little or as much as you wish. Registration helps guarantee you a seat! Please put your name and the date of the workshop you are registering for in the note field.

Coming Soon ...

CONSTELLATION WORKSHOPS: Constellations for the Artist, Constellations for Business, Exploring the Mechanics of Wounding and Healing
SHAMANIC WORKSHOP: Sovereignty: Grounding, Energetics, and the Basics of Energetic Protection
SHAMANIC WORKSHOP: Walking with Power in a Good Way


TBA 2017

SHAMANIC WORKSHOP: Crafting Sacred Tools: Rattle and Drum-Making
In this amazing workshop, you will have the opportunity to craft a wooden-frame hide drum, a rawhide rattle of your own design (design suggestions will abound!) and possibly some other small tools as well. 

Sacred tools which have been made by your hands and heart have far more power than any tool you can buy. If you've ever wanted to make your own drum, this workshop will not only let you do that, it will teach you how to make drums, rattles, and other sacred tools for yourself and others in the future.

This workshop meets 3 consecutive days:

Friday evening: 6:00-9:00pm Friday-- preparation and journey work
Saturday and Sunday: 9:00am-5:00pm- construction and finishing of tools

Open to all. estimated tuition: $375

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