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If Nicola Tesla were a massage therapist, he'd be me!
While I'm not the European mad-scientist, I do think outside the box and tend to go with solutions that others don't think of and might not be very comfortable using. And though I don't use high voltage or near radio frequencies in my work, we might just succeed in bottling lightning in our sessions together :-)

I've been a leader in the healing business for 17 years, have taught in two massage schools, and have over 2,599 hours of training in therapeutic massage and shamanic healing combined. I constantly seek out new techniques, training and therapies, and I challenge myself on a regular basis. 

Now that you've tried the known, mundane solutions, perhaps its time to look outside the box?

Jeffrey Rich, LMT 656, Shamanic Practitioner and Instructor
Shining Mountain Healing Center
900 Wellman Ave #5, Huntsville, AL 35801   256 337-1699

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Shamanic Clients Say:
"I believe that I was led to Jeffrey. I was very impressed by the information that he was able to discern from his journeying. He saw that an Ancestral curse was at work and that it didn’t belong to my family. Long story short, I began to see results. People started responding positively to me. My whole world has started to change for the better. I highly recommend working with Jeffrey if you are serious about positive transformation in your life." --S.C., Ohio

Constellation Workshop Participants Say:
"Would do it again and recommend it." Nov 2015
"Phenomenal! A very new and different healing modality." - November 2015
"Transformational." - November 2015