Jeffrey Rich, LMT 656 is the creator of the Essential Five Massage Therapy Techniques.

Jeffrey Rich, LMT 656 is the creator of the Essential Five Massage Therapy Techniques.

Massage Techniques for Vibrant Health in Huntsville Alabama

My massage work focuses on improving your health. As a Certified Orthopedic Massage therapist I use medical massage techniques in my work, matching the physiological effects of my treatment to what is happening in your body.

Without my Essential Five Massage Techniques, I believe that you are not receiving the best massage for your money.

For almost two decades I have been in full-time massage therapy practice. During that time I have developed a proprietary treatment method combining several key therapies into a dynamite package. I use it with every client. Because it works.

A Unique Essential Blend of Healing Therapies

These therapies are the Essential Five Massage Techniques for Pain Relief. Essential because each is necessary to work with the others to relieve pain fast and to keep you pain-free longer. Five because there are five key techniques that I weave together in my own special blend.

The Essential Five Massage Techniques™ are 

The Essential Five Massage Techniques treat the BODYMIND, your body, mind and spirit.

I combine the Essential Five Massage Techniques™  together in a unique way. Certainly other therapists know some of these techniques and can apply them. They don't know all of them, nor do they have the experience to apply them in the way that I do.

More about all of the other massage techniques I use ...

The Essential Five Massage Techniques give your body the relief it seeks, and create conditions in which your body can heal itself and hold the amazing changes longer.

Few therapists do what I do or know what I know.

No other therapist is trained in the way that I am. I have unique experience and problem-solving abilities that I bring to my sessions.

I go off-road and synthesize new techniques and combinations that work. In every field I've worked in, I have combined and coupled techniques into something new that is better than the sum of its parts. Massage and bodywork is no exception; I'm a keen solver of problems, and the issues of pain management in the body are some of the trickiest I've encountered. The good news is that the critical-thinking skills that I picked up in Engineering School really set me apart from the rest.

If you want a great massage that not only feels great, but also gives results that last, give me a try and see what my Essential Five Massage Techniques can do for you!