NATURE CONSTELLATION WORKSHOP:  Returning to Membership in Earth Community; Constellations with Nature

Want to learn how to talk to Nature, to a Tree Being, to a Spring, or to the Mountain? Have questions about what plants to add or subtract when landscaping your yard, or about any interaction with you home and its surroundings? This experiential and phenomenological workshop can help you find answers to those questions. In this workshop we will be exploring our issues and interactions with Nature and natural systems, especially the theme of what our role is as human beings, and how to be in closer contact with our Nature Neighbors. We will do Constellations to speak with Nature elements about Sacred Offerings and about how to be better stewards of the places where we live and work.

Increase the Flows of Love in your relationship with Nature!
Constellations uncover the hidden dynamics of a system in an experiential way, so that existing energy can be observed and undue stress is reduced or released in the system. This gentle and sensitive method allows relationship energy to reveal itself through representatives, so that a resolution can unfold. Each member of the system finds their rightful place in the group allowing the natural flow of love in the system to increase. Each member of the system can then find their rightful place in the group increasing healthy and respectful connection to each other and allowing the natural flow of love in the system to increase.

Join me for a fun and fabulous day of constellation play! Constellation work is a lot of fun, very informative, and has a special quality about it that I’ve not found in other kinds of work.
Please pack a lunch and bring comfortable clothes, a folding chair, plenty of fresh water (it gets hot!), sunscreen, hat for coolth and sun-shading, and any other items for your comfort. There is a pavilion to work under if it rains, or if it gets too hot!