As part of natural systems, we experience the influence of hidden dynamics.

Through Nature Constellations, we find out who we are and where our true place lies in the Web of Life.

In Nature Constellations workshops, I introduce you to our Natural allies and teachers, and also to Pachamama, the First Mother, most ancient ancestor, source of all Life on this planet. 

Systemic Constellations for Natural Systems

Nature constellations teach us about our connections, about the Pachamama, and about how we can improve our connections to self, place, to the Celestial Beings, and to the Light of all things.

I schedule Nature Constellations Workshops in Spring and Fall.

    What We Are Learning From Nature Constellations

    • We are learning that lingering imprints of the Trail of Tears on the land here in North Alabama still affect the people who live and work here.
    • We are learning that these imprints involve the Ancestors and cannot be cleared by spiritual or shamanic means. Telling the stories, Sacred Witnessing, must happen first before this pattern can budge. 
    • We are discovering that open-heartedness and humility are absolute necessities for connecting with Nature and with sacred places in a good way.
    • We are discovering that the energies and emotions that we walk around with can be seen and felt by Trees, Stones, Water, and Animal peoples. We are discovering that our energies affect Nature deeply and often negatively. 
    • We are discovering refinements for the practical working of many shamanic healing modalities, namely Soul Retrieval, Curse Unraveling, and Space Clearing, and many others.
    • We are learning that we are connected to the Cosmos in ways that we had not previously envisioned possible.
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    The food we eat builds our bodies. This food comes right out of the ground, is made from the elements in the ground, too. We literally ingest the atoms of the Earth to build our bodies! That's and exciting, unexpected connection to Nature, and it helps me to find my place in the Cosmos. Understanding this, we know that we have at least one place where we truly belong: we belong to the Earth as surely as our spirits belong to the heavens.

    In Nature Constellations Workshops, We Explore

    • What are the beliefs we inherited from our Family System about Nature?
    • What is required in order for us to approach a Sacred Place in a good way?
    • What role does Pachamama play in our daily life?
    • In what ways are we connected to Nature, the Earth, and to the web of Life around us?
    • How are we connected to Life and to Pachamama in ways that we don't readily perceive?
    • What imprints of past events on the land are affecting my life now?
    • How can we connect more deeply with Pachamama and with the Natural System around us?
    • How does Nature perceive us?
    • What is our role as Humans, and what part do we play?
    • What role does Pachamama play as Mother, First Ancestor? How is she connected to Family Constellations?
    • How can Nature be a Teacher for us?

    We also explore practical concerns

    • we examine the hidden issues around why a house is not selling even when it is in a good market and listed at a fair price
    • we discover ideas for landscaping in a certain area, what might go well there, and what might not thrive
    • we look at issues around nature incursions into a home, such as water, tree roots, insects, etc.

    Nature Constellations inform and help us in several ways. By talking to Nature through our bodies in Constellation, we learn how to have a deeper, more genuine connection. We learn how to create simple offerings as gifts to the natural places were we live and work. Nature Constellations teaches us how to really converse with the Earth.