Constellations are increasingly used as a new lens into hidden dynamics of business.

Organizational constellations can reveal mysteries in the system, such as why a particular position experiences extremely high and regular turnover despite every effort to the contrary to make the position stable.

Constellations can also reveal the hidden dynamics between a company and its customers, dynamics involving products and customers, advertising, branding, and many other factors.

To name just a few, here are some of the things that can be looked at in business and organizational constellation applications:

  • new product reception in test markets or subsets of existing markets
  • branding
  • languaging for advertising and marketing
  • logo and color selections for logos, products and advertising
  • examining the balance of give and take
  • pricing
  • timing for product release
  • examining corporate and departmental structure
  • flow

and many more. Organizational Constellations can give immediate and clear feedback for many, many aspects of your business, and can highlight why a project is not moving forward, or why a new product has stalled in its target market.