Indigenous shamans believe that parts of our vital soul essence can split off and become unreachable at times of great stress, injury, or in deep grief. For the indigenous shaman, this is a state of grave emergency and is dealt with immediately.

People who have experienced soul loss often have a sense that something is missing, are grieving a loss that they cannot seem to get over, and also often say that the event marked distinct "before" and "after" states in their life. Sandra Ingerman, a shamanic practitioner and psychotherapist, says that she sees people doing therapy on an issue in which soul loss is a factor, but who can't seem to get traction for change around the issue until the involved soul parts return.

Restoring your vitality often looks something like:

  • Soul Retrieval
  • Soul Renewal
  • Destiny Retrieval
  • Essence Retrieval

There can also be an Ancestral entanglement component to this work: sometimes our soul makes an agreement to help an ancestor carry a heavy burden, or fate. Making healing statements in constellations to only carry those burdens which truly belong to us, and to only follow our own fate, can be extraordinarily healing.

Soul Retrieval, the ancient shamanic healing technique of retrieving and healing lost vitality, was originally taught to my by two different sets of students of Sandra Ingerman. I've since been shown additional practices by both human and spirit teachers that augment the Soul Retrieval experience.

Each retrieval is unique, and there is no way to know in advance how this may unfold for you.

When we do a Soul Retrieval ceremony, we journey into the spiritual realms to find your vital essence which has departed, whatever this vital essence might be. If this essence is a soul part, it can hold memories, and certainly holds strengths and abilities which are essential to you. In ceremony, the Helping Spirits show us the story about why and how this vital essence left you, and what we need in order to get it back and anchor it within you once again. Often, you receive a Power Animal or other Helping Spirit who comes to assist in the re-integration of your vitality, which happens over the span of months after the retrieval is completed.