THE SourceS of Life and Teaching WHo Have Made My Work A Reality


It all started when...

Nothing happens in a vacuum.
All of this, all of me, comes from my ancestors. I honor them here:

To my Ancestors, I say,

Thank You! Thank you for this Life you have passed on to me. Please Bless me when I do things differently. By living my life to its fullest, I honor you and the precious gift of Life you have given me.

My work stands entirely on your shoulders; it is only possible because of yours.

To my Teachers who have shaped me, and to their teachers before them, I give You Gratitude and thanks!

  • Charlie Register for putting up with me as a young programmer and for giving me such amazing opportunities. You took great care of me.
  • My father, Robert Rich, my mother, Mollie Rich, Penelope Jensen, Max van Egmond, Nancy Zylstra, Ellen Hargis, and Jeannette Sorrel for teaching and guiding me as I grew to become a serious musician
  • Elaine Biagi-Turner and Julie Andrijeski for opening to me the joys of movement and Baroque Dance
  • Jim Young for assisting my growth as a damn fine software developer
  • Rebecca Holbrook and Mary Fox, my first massage therapy teachers
  • Whitney Lowe for his extraordinary presence and focused teaching
  • Jan Walker for initiating me into Reiki
  • Christine Kamback for deepening my Reiki experience
  • Judy Castrichini for teaching me about how to run a successful business and how to take care of clients in a beautiful, nurturing way
  • Steven Sommers from whom I learned Integrative Acupressure, how to work with clients with compassion, for introducing me to Carl Roger's three precepts, and for introducing me to the trance work of Milton Erickson and the body-focusing work of Eugene Gendlin. You are one of the greats!
  • Iona Marsaa Teeguarden for the creation of her system of Acupressure from many streams of teachers, and for her many lessons in teaching and working with students.
  • Tom Brown for his book, "Awakening Spirits" which literally jumped off the shelf and got me started
  • Joanna Shinkara Morris for introducing me to the Helping Spirits
  • Dana Robinson for his shamanic teaching
  • Bekki Shining Bearheart and Crow Swimsaway for foundational shamanic training and for many great lessons
  • Betsy Bergstrom for opening the wonders of the Middle World, and for giving me the teachings, words, and tools to really begin opening my heart. Plus so much more
  • Ana Larramendi for introducing me to Betsy and for deepening my understanding of shamanism and introducing me to the Andean Cosmology. Thank you, Ana for introducing me to your teacher, Adolfo 
  • Adolfo Ttito Condori for being patient in the face of tremendous personal hucha and non-understanding of traditional ways of respect and for teaching such vital information about what it is to be human
  • Pachamama for the love and for the dreams that keep me thinking, and keep me going
  • The Apukuna for tough love teachings and Big Wonder
  • Francesca Mason-Boring for introducing me to the wonderful world of facilitating systemic constellations and for such generous on-going support
  • and so many more. Forgive me if I have not listed you yet! I don't intend to leave anyone out.

Who I am now as I live and move in the world, I owe to all of you. Thank you.