Top 10 Benefits of Therapeutic Massage and Medical Massage

  1. Massage Relieves Stress - massage therapy is second to none for relieving stress! As part of a regular stress management routine, massage therapy excels at improving your daily life.

  2. Massage Relieves Pain - again, massage therapy excels at relieving pain. Soft tissue manipulation can ease painful areas and bring comfort and relief. It is not completely known how the physiology of pain relief by massage is achieved, but it is a well-documented benefit of hands-on massage therapy

  3. Massage Improves Range of Motion - specialized soft tissue techniques improve tissue range of motion, bringing more ease and well-being.

  4. Massage is an Immune Booster - a reflexive benefit of massage therapy is improved immune system response. When the body is in a relaxed state, the immune system is able to function at its maximum.

  5. Massage Therapy Increases Circulation - a physical benefit of this relaxing manual therapy,

  6. Therapeutic Massage Lowers Blood Pressure - a beautiful byproduct of the relaxation response, massage therapy can help lower blood pressure.

  7. Increases Mental Acuity - studies have shown that a simple 30-minute massage improves mental acuity in complex mental tasks.

  8. Flushes Metabolic Products Which Create Soreness - by mobilizing fluids and rendering tissues more supple and relaxed, massage therapy can flush out irritating tissue metabolic byproducts, increasing comfort and calmness.

  9. Increases Relaxation - massage therapy stimulates the Relaxation Response, moving the body out of its "fight-or-flight" mode and into a relaxation mode in which healing can take place, and rejuvenation and regeneration are possible.

  10. Helps The Body Heal After Injury - massage therapy can help ease and remodel scar tissue, and can help bring vital blood flow to an injured area, and can assist in releasing adhesions between layers of tissues as they heal.

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