What is shamanism and what is shamanic healing?

Although "shaman" and "shamanism" are not words that many of us are familiar with in the West -- they are Tungus words from Siberia -- yet we are familiar with what it is all about: shamanism is healing for the spirit, medicine for the soul. Each culture in the world has spiritual healing practices. Here is a link to an introductory article about shamanism at the Society for Shamanic Practitioners, of which I am a member.

What clients say about shamanic healing:

"I would say that I feel clear and unburdened, and empowered in a general overarching sense. I seem to be able to access joy and happiness more easily and hang on to it longer. I am smiling much, much more than I was before. My response to stress, both chronic and acute, is much better. I feel more balanced overall. My physical health has improved as well, across the board.
I feel like the session freed up my inner light, and everyone I know can sense it or see it. It has been so impressive to a few people that they have said they were going to see you themselves for a session."
Client report, 2016

Shamanism and shamanic healing is based on a few core ideas:

  • everything is alive
  • everything possesses consciousness
  • everything grows and changes
  • everything is responsive and can communicate
  • everything is connected

Many shamanic people believe what physicists now tell us: that what we call 'matter' is actually Light. You are Light. You are energy.

 Shamanism as a personal path is all about nurturing and awakening and tending this Light within you.

Shamanism and shamanic healing is the practice of working with your Light and with the energy of your spirit to enable you to be whole, strong, complete, and able to walk the path of your choosing unencumbered. It's about clarifying your life path, and it's also about removing that which does not serve you on that path. Shamanic healing is also about bringing back to you the energies and essences which you may not have access to in this moment which can help you walk your chosen path in a beautiful and easy way.

The shamanic person creates the best conditions possible in which healing can occur.  It is the spiritual practice of being connected to, and working in harmony with the heart and intelligence in all things. It is not religion, but rather a path of mysticism and mystery.

What are the benefits of shamanic healing?            What can it do for me?

Return vitality and energies that are missing or inaccessible to you

Remove energies that are not supporting your holistic best

Clear energetic snarls and entanglements which hamper you on your life-walk

These practices and techniques are called Shamanic Healing. Shamanic Healing is a process of spiritual healing for awakening and tending your Luminous Self; it addresses and treats the spiritual components of illness, constriction, disconnection.


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