What a wonderful question!

Usually, we don't know what shamanic healing techniques to choose; we just know that something is wrong. In every shamanic healing session that I give, I journey to the Helping Spirits to ask what is going on and I ask them how to go about treating it. Neither of us has to know in advance what to choose!

Some of the time, you may have a sense of what you need; you may have read about Soul Retrieval in a book or a magazine, for example, and while reading, you felt the pull of that inner part of you that is missing, or you remembered the event after which you have never been the same again. It could be that there is a story in your family that one of your ancestors was cursed by another person, or the story goes that the family is cursed. Maybe your luck has been consistently bad in a particular part of your life. Whatever your inner knowing is, we will trust that, because it is the best starting point. I use a combination of shamanic work and constellations to find the solutions for you.

People tend to come to shamanic work because they have a sense that something is amiss, or they notice that the same events keep happening to them over and over for no apparent reason and the pattern has become obvious. For some, they've tried everything else.

For whatever reason you have looked into shamanic healing, trust that your healing is already underway; by merely asking for healing, healing begins. Asking is step number one. Trust the compassionate Helping Spirits to really help us find the healing for you.